DC's Winston Churchill

Winston is a gorgeous red headed tri male. He has the best personality of any dog we've ever had. He's a part of our family, gets along great with all of our other animals, and loves playing with his kiddos!


DC's Princess HeidiMarie

Heidi is a petite sable with a sweet loving disposition! She loves her family and is great around kids and other pets. She is so much fun to have around and is always putting a smile on everyone's face!


DC's Princess Josephine

Josie is our classic red Pembroke with beautiful markings! She's everything you think of when you think of corgis, she's sleeps like a log, will stare a hole right through you and can hear a crumb drop from 100 yards!


GC Polly Bemis Ranch Hand

Holly quickly stole our hearts when she came into our family. She is so grateful to have a home where she's out getting constant attention, going to horse shows and living life to it's fullest. She is one of the best mommas we have ever seen!


DC's Princess June Elizabeth

Junie is the newest addition to our family! She is an adventurous very outgoing girl with tons of personality! She absolutely loves being outside and spending time at the barn with the horses!