Holly's first born, Cody holds a special place in our hearts! He's a red headed tri just like his dad with a beautiful face and markings!



Carter is a beautiful red headed tri with great markings. Winston and Heidi definitely make some beautiful puppies!



Clark is one of our favorites! The smallest of the litter he already has one of the biggest personalities!



Cute, Cute red headed tri just like his dad with a beautiful face and markings!



Meet Cooper, another precious tri!


Colin- $1,950

Beautiful Colin, he loves to be held!



Our one and only girl this litter, we love our Chloe!



Last born, but definitely not least, Charley is sweetheart!


Abby-$2,500 SOLD TO TX

Heidi's first born, Abby holds a special place in our hearts! She's a red headed tri just like her dad with a beautiful face and markings!


Athena-$2,500 SOLD TO WA

Athena is beautiful with one amazing blue eye that makes her stand out from the crowd! A red headed tri with unique markings. Winston and Heidi definitely through some beautiful puppies!


Ava- $2,500 SOLD TO AR

Ava is our "Special Girl"! She weighed only 5.5 ounces when she was born and we bottle fed her around the clock the first few days. She's gaining on her littermates but still about half their size! She's a sable just like her mom and is sweet and quiet.


Audrey-$2,500 SOLD TO LA

Audrey is another beautiful sable that takes after her mom! She's playful and loves exploring!


Alex- $2,500 SOLD TO CA

Alex was Hedi's first and only boy so of course he's special to us. He reminds us so much of Winston when he was puppy!


Annabelle-$2,500 SOLD TO OH

Annabelle plays hard and sleeps hard! Another beautiful red headed tri with perfect markings!


Bridgett-$2,000 Sold To AR

We've all fallen in love with Bridgett, or "Puzzle" as we like to call her! Her markings look like a jigsaw puzzle! She has a cute personality to go along with her great looks.



Bianca is is a precious red like her mom that loves to be held!We've had so much fun with her already, we just want to keep them all!


Baxter-$2,500 SOLD TO AR

Josie's only boy, and we sure love him! He's got a spunky personality and loves to play! He loves to curl up and snuggle after playtime!




Bree is a cute, cute red with cute rings around her eyes!



We have nicknamed her arrow because of the perfect arrowhead on her neck! Another red with a great personality and great markings. She has cute rings around her eyes that look like she's wearing glasses!


Bailey-Call for Price

Bailey is a cute red female with a beautiful collar!


Want to know more about Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Made famous by the queen, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have become a favorite in the United States too. They're loving, loyal, great for families and you can't miss that unmistakeable smile they often have! They are intelligent, easy to train, and will do absolutely anything for a treat! They were developed as a herding in the 10th century, and if you don't have herds for them to tend to, they love herding the family just as much! They will never leave your side!

Welsh legend says the fairies and elves of Wales used the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to pull fairy coaches, work fairy cattle, and serve as the steed for fairy warriors. If you look closely, even today you can see the marks of the “fairy saddle” over the shoulders in the Pembroke’s coat. Whether that's actually true or not, Pembrokes really do have a magical sense about them!



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