Winston is a gorgeous tri-colored Welsh Pembroke. He has the best personality of any dog we've ever had. He's a part of our family, socialized, and gets along great with all of our other animals. Whether he's at the barn or a horse show, everybody can't help but fall in love with him!


Heidi is a petite sable with a sweet loving disposition! She loves her family and is great around kids and other pets.


Josie is our classic red Pembroke with beautiful markings! She's everything you think of when you think of corgis, she's sleeps like superman, will stare a hole right through you and can hear a crumb drop from 100 years! We love our Josie and she's proving to be an amazing mom even taking in one of Heidi's pups that just wasn't getting enough milk.


The newest addition to our family, Holly quickly stole our hearts. She so grateful to have a home where she's out getting constant addition, going to horse shows and living life to it's fullest. We can't wait to see what amazing puppies she and Winston will produce!